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Extra-Curricular Activities

28th September 2023

We are also really delighted to have all of our visiting teachers back after the Summer. Moo Music, Kids Rock, French, Yoga tots, Rugby Tots, Chef Lisa and Flash dance have all restarted this term. We have changed the days of most of our classes so that a wider variety of our boys and girls can enjoy these experiences.

Wellies £10 Snack Shopper – Would you like to do our snack shopping for us?

28th September 2023

Number, Money and Measure: “I am developing my awareness of how money is used and can recognise and use a range of coins” MNU 0-079 Our children are learning all of the time. Our main focus for learning is through developing our Literacy, Numeracy and Health and Wellbeing skills. As part of the Scottish Curriculum for Excellence, we also develop skills, knowledge and understanding in: 1. Expressive Arts 2. Social Studies 3. Technologies Sciences 4. Religious and Moral Education We would like our Wellies children to develop a good understanding of money. The best way to do this is through using REAL money. If you would like to be one of our “Snack Shoppers” over the weekend, please email our Admin team. They will then give you our snack “Shopping List” and the £5 budget. It would be a huge help to us if you and your child could buy some of the items for our snack over the weekend. This will also be a hugely beneficial experience for your child. Why not make this their weekend responsibility? This will provide a vast range of learning opportunities right across the curriculum. Please just take back the shopping, change and receipt at the beginning of the week. Please also fill out our Snack Shopper Diary so that we can share your shopping experiences with our other children! Feel free to add any photos and also your feedback. Alternatively, do this at home with own children whereby they buy your own household shopping. This is a great (and easy) way to teach them about money and the concept of budgeting.

Festivals Traditions, Harvest and all things Autumn

28th September 2023

As part of our Festivals and Traditions topic, we will be celebrating Halloween. We have lots of exciting activities planned. We will also be asking the children what they would like to learn.


28th September 2023

Huge congratulations to Cari who is pregnant with her first baby. We wish you only the very best over the next few exciting months Cari.

Staffing Update

28th September 2023

We always plan to have a number of staff OVER our ratio EVERY day. This is unlike most other nurseries. This ensures that we can accommodate lots of high quality staff training, holidays and staff absences. We would like to say best wishes to Laura Burnett who is leaving us and moving to pastures new. Thank you so very much for ALL of your hard work. We will miss you. Managers and staff will keep you up to date with all of our new staff. You will see our photos up in our receptions and regular updates on Facebook.

Graduation – Class of 2023

28th September 2023

WE really enjoyed our final graduation party. What a ball we had! We asked for a bouncy castle, popcorn machine and ice cream van and that is exactly what we got! Parents and staff gave the boys and girls a very well-deserved standing ovation when they left the nursery for the last time. Congratulations everyone!

2023 Graduates

28th September 2023

Best wishes to all of our boys and girls who started school this Summer. We had 55 children leave us to go to school. This was a record! Remember to keep in touch boys and girls and ALWAYS do your VERY best in everything that you do!

QueensWellies has opened!

28th September 2023

We absolutely LOVE our new nursery and have had so many lovely well wishes and positive feedback. We hope that you liked our videos and are keeping up to date with our progress on Facebook. Many thanks to the KingsWellies parents who also visited us on our open days. We loved showing it off to you all.

What have the Wellies Gang been up to this time?

28th September 2023

We have been as busy as usual. We have been completing the Hands Up Travel Survey, planning our Macmillan coffee mornings, working with our extra-curricular teachers, opening Waggy Wellies doggy day care, setting up our space station, opening our Wellies library, serving staff and parents from our Baby Bucks coffee shop, making pizzas for our pizza delivery enterprise, national fitness day, Recycling Week, planting and gardening, learning about the seasons, exploring our senses, how to keep safe, space, friendships, rules, all about me, colours and textures, farming, getting ready for school and moving to our next rooms, exploring minibeasts, visits from lots of important people who help us, talking about our pets and learning about different animals, enjoying our much-improved gardens! We have also opened our new QueensWellies Nursery and have LOVED welcoming our new families. We never stop learning!

Parent Tips, Ideas and Suggestions

04th July 2023

This is a space for parents to communicate with each other. If you have any suggestions, please email us with your ideas so that we can include them in this section of the newsletter.