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What We Have Been Up To

08th June 2021

This term we have been very busy focusing on our topic, “Healthy Body Happy Me”.We have also been very busy with Child Safety Week, supporting the RSPB, Eco Schools and sustainability, planting our garden, planning our graduation party, picnics at “the hills”, getting ready to go to school, learning Makaton, learning all about minibeasts and farm animals, hatching our chicks, watching our tadpoles turn into frogs, caring for our caterpillars as they go through their life cycle into beautiful butterflies lots of outdoor play, road safety, reading our book bug bags, celebrating Easter, making Wellie the Scarecrow and LOTS more……

KingsWellies Nursery Parent Council

05th October 2020

The Parent Council had their first meeting via Zoom this week to discuss priorities for improvement within the nursery. We have also set up a closed Facebook page for our parent council members in order to ease discussion. Please let us know if you have any agenda items for them. We will keep you updated with our progress. Many thanks to past and present Parent Council members. We really appreciate all of your contributions. Our Parent Council Agenda and Meeting Minutes are displayed at our front door for your information.

Aberdeen City Council Pre-School Funding

05th October 2020

For all those of you who have children who are approaching aged three or are already three years old, you will be entitled to apply for pre-school funding from Aberdeen City/Aberdeenshire Council. Please see Kerryn or Scott in order to complete the appropriate forms.

Christmas Holidays

05th October 2020

Just a reminder that we are closed for two weeks over the Christmas and New Year Period. We close at 6pm on Friday 18th December 2020 and reopen 7.30am on Monday 4th January 2021. It will be here before we know it! Due to Covid 19 restrictions, Christmas celebrations may be slightly different this year from what we usually do. More information to follow!

Lost Property

05th October 2020

Please label ALL clothes, toys and personal possessions. The nursery CANNOT take responsibility for lost articles which are not FULLY labelled. Please also ensure that your children are appropriately dressed in warm clothing for the colder weather. We will still be out and about in ALL weathers. Thank you.

Eco Committee – Green Flag

05th October 2020

Our Eco Committee have been extremely busy ensuring that we continue as a sustainable nursery. Your hard work has had a very positive impact on our nursery environment. Well done everyone! We will be applying for our THIRD GREEN FLAG very soon.

Covid 19 – Practices and Procedures

05th October 2020

We continue to review our Covid 19 practices and procedures on a daily basis. NO new guidance has come out from the Care Inspectorate / Scottish Government since 10/08/20. We therefore will continue to implement this very thorough guidance within the nursery. You can find our Covid 19 Policy and our Reopening Strategy on our website. This will be updated to coincide with new guidance or changes in our procedures. If you are going to be more that 5 minutes with our staff, please wear face masks to protect yourself and KingsWellies Staff. Always socially distance please. Thank you. Many thanks to all who contributed to our Covid-19 Consultation. We received lots of very positive and constructive feedback which we have implemented within the nursery environment. If you have any additional suggestions for us, please don’t hesitate to give us your feedback.

Staff Training

05th October 2020

We are very busy with our training for Session 2020/21. Staff will be participating in lots of training during the next session. Much of this will be done through Zoom / technology. Despite Covid restrictions, staff training is still of paramount importance to us. We have also enlisted the support of an Educational Psychologist who will be conducting a number of staff training events with us. These will include: • Core cognitive skills • Growth mind-sets • Emotion coaching • Self-regulation • Mindfulness • Positive behaviour management • Attachment theory There will also be an opportunity for a training event with parents which will focus on the importance of teaching core cognitive skills at home. This will be Covid dependent. More information to follow. Kerry will also continue in her role as a member of the Children’s Panel for Children’s Hearings Scotland. The training has been excellent and Kerry will continue to disseminate this to all staff within the nursery. Our Early Years Advisor, Leia Derounian, has also agreed to carry out a variety of training with us. This will focus on observations, writing observations, next steps in learning and unique transitions. Please see our attached Collegiate Calendar which outlines our Collegiate Staff meetings for this year.

Room Ages

05th October 2020

Just a reminder to parents that our rooms are configured in the following ways: • Babies – Birth to 2 years • Toddlers – 18 months to 3 years • Pre-School – 2.5 years to 5 years Some children may move rooms earlier or later. These age ranges are a guide and we base all transitions around the individual needs of the child. Any questions, please see Marcia.

KingsWellies £10 Snack Shopper – Would you like to do our snack shopping for us?

05th October 2020

Number, Money and Measure: “I am developing my awareness of how money is used and can recognise and use a range of coins” MNU 0-079 Our children are learning all of the time. Our main focus for learning is through developing our Literacy, Numeracy and Health and Wellbeing skills. As part of the Scottish Curriculum for Excellence, we also develop skills, knowledge and understanding in: Expressive Arts Social Studies Technologies Sciences Religious and Moral Education We would like our KingsWellies children to develop a good understanding of money. The best way to do this is through using REAL money. If you would like to be one of our “Snack Shoppers” over the weekend, please email Kerryn. Kerryn will give you our snack “Shopping List” and Scott will give you the £10 budget. It would be a huge help to us if you and your child could buy some of the items for our snack over the weekend. This will also be a hugely beneficial experience for your child. Why not make this their “weekend responsibility”? This will provide a vast range of learning opportunities right across the curriculum. Please just take back the shopping, change and receipt at the beginning of the week. Please also fill out our “Snack Shopper Diary” so that we can share your shopping experiences with our other children! Feel free to add any photos and also your feedback.