News and Events

Gardening and Sustainability galore!

20th June 2019

We have been very busy with our garden! Thank you to all of the boys and girls for helping with all of the planting. It was a BIG job! Also to our gardening group for ensuring that they are watered and looked after every day. Our ECO Group have also been very busy building compost bins and trying to reduce our recycling waste. Great work all round!

Drive Carefully

10th April 2019

Please always drive carefully and reverse park when in our car park. The speed limit is 5 miles per hour at all times. Many thanks.

Outdoor Education Consultation

10th April 2019

Please see our attached consultation. I have added it again to this Newsletter in order to gain more feedback. Many thanks to those who did respond last month. We have also been consulting with children and staff. We are trying to improve our outdoor education provision therefore your feedback is extremely valuable to us. We have a new Outdoor Education Committee – Amy, Kirsty and Eibhlish are leading on this important iniative.

Goodbye Rumps

10th April 2019

We are very, very sad to let everyone know that Rumpole passed away recently. He was a HUGE part of our KingsWellies family and will be very sadly missed. Rumpole was such a character, always up to something! He LOVED coming to the nursery and LOVED being cuddled and petted by the children. He was also a Therapet for 3 years and really brought a lot of joy and laughs to the people around him. He was a really, really good boy and was best buddies with Ziggy.


10th April 2019

We will be looking for a new pet soon since we sadly lost the lovely Hermione. Let the office know what pet you think we should get next!

Outdoor Education

10th April 2019

Our outdoor committee have been working hard with Scott to improve our Outdoor Education Area. Check out are new and improved Water Wall, located round the corner of our garden!

Health and Wellbeing curriculum

10th April 2019

We are going to be extremely busy promoting our Health and Wellbeing curriculum. Things have been going really well this week so far in Health Month! We’ve made lots of smoothies, made healthy home bakes and have been working hard in our new PE classes. We also loved our healthy picnic at Hazlehead Park. Charley is VERY keen to start our own Wellies football team and Molly will be starting dancing classes with our older children soon. She will focus on jazz, ballet and modern dance. Exciting stuff! For more ideas on what you can do with your child at home to promote health and happiness, you can download lots of activity guides from

La Jolie Ronde French Lessons

10th April 2019

We have been learning our numbers, our colours, the parts of our bodies, our names, how to greet our friends, animals, food items and all about Easter in FRENCH! We will also hold an egg hunt to celebrate our French Easter. Linda has got lots more planned for us in term 4 and we are growing in confidence every week. Linda also has a series of excellent books and CDs for sale. Please let us know if you would like to purchase any. This will help to reinforce our vocabulary at home too.

Comic Relief

10th April 2019

We raised £40.06 for this very worthwhile cause. Many thanks to all who contributed and wore either their PJ’s or something red!

Mac’s Results

10th April 2019

Eilidh MacInnes who is the director of Mac’s Results will now be with us every Tuesday and Thursday to deliver innovative and fun PE sessions with our children. She will be making very good use of our outdoor environment within prime four and will be focusing on the Health and Wellbeing Experiences and Outcomes from the Curriculum for Excellence. Eilidh is a qualified personal trainer who can also provide one to one sessions (adults and children), group classes and lots of different PE sessions. The children LOVED their taster sessions this week when ALL of our toddlers and pre-schoolers were able to participate. Eilidh will also provide additional ad hoc sessions for us so that everyone has a chance to enjoy this vigorous and exciting class. To sign your child up to Macs Results please contact Eilidh at We already have 39 VERY keen boys and girls signed up to get going. For more information please email Eilidh.