News and Events

Halloween Celebrations

14th November 2018

We had a great time dressing up, baking, partying and designing pumpkins during our Halloween week. Many thanks to everyone who participated in our Pumpkin carving. The competition was VERY strong this year. The children ALL LOVED admiring the huge assortment of pumpkin characters each day!

We are very busy with our training for Session 2018/19. Staff will be participating in the following

05th October 2018

Schemas, Curriculum for Excellence, Makaton, deaf awareness, information exchange, business watch, Children’s Rights, Pre-Birth to 3 Curriculum, challenging behaviour, managing for excellence, observation and assessment skills, observing schemas in children’s play, quality interactions, quality questioning, child protection and safeguarding, play and outdoor literacy, play and outdoor numeracy, family support, inclusion and diversity, attachment child development and learning, building the ambition, How Good is Our Early Learning and Childcare and lots of skills workshops!

Congratulations to Carole and Grant (Amber’s mummy and daddy)

05th October 2018

HUGE congratulations go to Carole (our Prime Four Events Manager) and Grant who got married recently at Coos Cathedral in Aboyne. We LOVED making the wedding cupcakes for the reception and EVERYONE got involved! It also gave us all an opportunity to learn lots about weddings and celebrations. Scott was also delighted to drive the beautiful bride to meet her groom, in Bunty!

Macmillan Coffee Mornings

05th October 2018

Thank you to everyone who attended our coffee mornings recently. The children loved baking, planning, organising, selling, serving and welcoming you all. We were delighted to raise the super amount of £190 which will go straight to this very worthwhile charity.

Pickle Goes On Safari by Alison and Robin Shearer (Fleur’s mummy and daddy)

05th October 2018

We were thrilled to receive copies of the wonderful “Pickle Goes on Safari”, written by two of our very own parents! The book was inspired by a Safari holiday that the family went on and centres around their own pet cat, Pickle. It is educational and fun, with rhyming throughout. The children LOVE it and can’t wait to invite Alison and Robin in so that they can interview the actual authors. We will be working on lots of curricular links around this book with a specific focus on animals and countries of the world. I would highly recommend this lovely entertaining book. Currently you can order on Instagram @picklegoesonsafari or We will also be selling copies shortly – see Kerryn in the office. This would make a lovely Xmas present.

Pyjama Drama

05th October 2018

We are really devastated to announce that Kristine and Pyjama Drama will be leaving us soon. Kristine has bought a lovely new home in England and is excited to get back to teaching in schools. We will REALLY miss you Kristine! You have been a TOTAL inspiration to us and we love your PE and Pyjama Drama sessions. Thank you for ALL of your commitment, loyalty, enthusiasm and support! You have been utterly marvellous! Keep in touch and good luck for a very happy future! We will REALLY miss you and your great imagination!

KingsWellies Nursery Uniform

05th October 2018

Please see Kerryn if you would like an order form. Our uniform is very durable and it doesn’t matter so much if it gets a bit messy! We can order any time for you.

Kids Rock!

05th October 2018

e LOVE Kids Rock with Leanne! Leanne uses original songs and a range of music genres - from Beethoven to The Beatles to Baa Baa black sheep! This really helps to inspire our imaginations. It is great fun to work through the learning experiences and outcomes of the Curriculum for Excellence in a magical, musical way! Leanne will soon be working with our Wellie Tots and Wellie Babies too. We can’t wait!

Individual Care/Personal Plan

05th October 2018

Aberdeen City Council have recently asked all nurseries to review their Individual Child Care Plans. We have done this and I am happy to say that we have only had to make minimal changes to ours. We will however have to ask ALL parents to complete and submit the revised Individual Care / Personal Plan for your own child/ren. This is to ensure consistency for EVERY child across the nursery. It is very important that we have the SAME information for everyone. We will email these out to you very soon. Paper copies can also be found in reception. Aberdeen City Council have also asked us to ensure that all Individual Care / Personal Plans are updated by parents at least every 8 weeks. Don't worry - we WON'T ask you to fill out ALL of this information every eight weeks! We WILL however ask you to provide us with any NEW information and to sign that you have updated the Plan. We can only apologize for any inconvenience caused. We know that it is annoying to be faced with lots of documents to complete (especially when you have already done something similar) but we promise that we will keep it to a minimum and will make it as easy as possible. Many thanks for your ongoing support. Please just ask if you require any additional information in the meantime.

King Wellington and our VERY hungry caterpillar

13th August 2018

Well done to Braydon and Kasper for naming our new mascot! King Wellington LOVES a cuddle! Thank you also to Mabel (Kayleigh’s granny) for crocheting our amazing Very Hungry Caterpillar! We LOVE feeding him all of his food as he is always extremely hungry!