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Parent Tips, Ideas and Suggestions

08th September 2021

This is a space for parents to communicate with each other. If you have any suggestions, please email us with your ideas so that we can include them in this section of our newsletter.

Covid 19 – Practices and Procedures

08th September 2021

We continue to review our Covid 19 practices and procedures on a daily basis. Our latest Reopening Strategy (Version 12) has already been sent to you. This will be continue to be updated to coincide with all new guidance or changes in our procedures. If you have any additional suggestions for us, please don’t hesitate to give us your feedback.

Staff Training

08th September 2021

We are already very busy with our training for Session 2021/22. Staff will be participating in lots of training during the next session. Despite Covid restrictions, staff training is still of paramount importance to us. We have also enlisted the support of an Educational Psychologist who will be conducting a number of staff training events with us. We are hoping to invite parents in later in the year (Covid permitting). These will include: • Core cognitive skills • Growth mind-sets • Emotion coaching • Self-regulation • Mindfulness • Positive behaviour management • Attachment theory Kerry will also continue in her role as a member of the Children’s Panel for Children’s Hearings Scotland. She has now qualified as a Chair of the panel. The training has been excellent and Kerry will continue to disseminate aspects of this to all staff within the nursery.

Room Ages

08th September 2021

Just a reminder to parents that our rooms are configured in the following ways: • Babies – Birth to 2 years • Toddlers – 18 months to 3 years • Pre-School – 2.5 years to 5 years Some children may move rooms earlier or later. These age ranges are a guide and we base all transitions around the individual needs of the child. Any questions, please see Marcia.

KingsWellies £10 Snack Shopper – Would you like to do our snack shopping for us?

08th September 2021

Number, Money and Measure: “I am developing my awareness of how money is used and can recognise and use a range of coins” MNU 0-079 Our children are learning all of the time. Our main focus for learning is through developing our Literacy, Numeracy and Health and Wellbeing skills. As part of the Scottish Curriculum for Excellence, we also develop skills, knowledge and understanding in: • Expressive Arts • Social Studies • Technologies Sciences • Religious and Moral Education We would like our KingsWellies children to develop a good understanding of money. The best way to do this is through using REAL money. If you would like to be one of our “Snack Shoppers” over the weekend, please email Kerryn. Kerryn will give you our snack “Shopping List” and Scott will give you the £10 budget. It would be a huge help to us if you and your child could buy some of the items for our snack over the weekend. This will also be a hugely beneficial experience for your child. Why not make this their “weekend responsibility”? This will provide a vast range of learning opportunities right across the curriculum. Please just take back the shopping, change and receipt at the beginning of the week. Please also fill out our “Snack Shopper Diary” so that we can share your shopping experiences with our other children! Feel free to add any photos and also your feedback.

Festivals, Traditions, Harvest and all things Autumn

08th September 2021

As part of our Festivals and Tradition topic, we will be celebrating Halloween. We have lots of activities planned and we are all very excited! Throughout this topic we will also be learning about: • Concepts of light and dark • Seasons – Autumn and Winter • Colours • What is hibernation and which animals hibernate? • Harvest thanksgiving • Diwali – Festival of Lights • Animals – nocturnal, diurnal and crepuscular • Pumpkins and tasty treats We will be doing lots of baking and food tasting activities throughout the week also. We will be dressing up, decorating our pumpkins and partying until we drop! Lots of great fun!

KingsWellies Nursery Uniform

08th September 2021

Please see Kerryn if you would like an order form. Our uniform is very durable and it doesn’t matter so much if it gets a bit messy! We can order any time for you

Graduation – Class of 2021

08th September 2021

WE really really enjoyed our final graduation party. What a ball we had! We asked for a bouncy castle and popcorn machine – and we got them! It was a really lovely reunion before starting school! Parents and staff gave the boys and girls a very well-deserved standing ovation when they left the nursery for the last time. It really did bring a tear to our eyes. Congratulations everyone!

What have the Wellie Gang been up to this time?

08th September 2021

We can’t believe that it is Autumn already! We have been as busy as usual. We have been completing the Hands Up Travel Survey, music making, national fitness day, national country music day, delicious bbqs, pizzas in the pizza oven, Recycling week, lots of planting, learning about the seasons, how to keep safe, creatures under the sea and exploring minibeasts and insects! We are like little sponges – never stop learning!

KingsWellies Too – new nursery extension

08th June 2021

As per my previous emails, we are very excited to be opening a new extension in August 2021. This will enable us to offer more spaces to our 3-5 age range. If you haven’t already done so, please let us know if you would like any additional days for your children (preschool age range). More information including lots of videos and photos to follow. How exciting!