News and Events

Healthy Body, Happy Me Campaign

01st May 2016

The children had lots of fun and learnt lots of important information during our Healthy Body, Happy Me Campaign! This was a week- long fun activity campaign with a focus on the Health and Wellbeing curriculum.

North Sound Cash for Kids Superhero Week

01st May 2016

North Sound will be raising money for cash for kids during their annual Superhero Day on 13th May. We will be helping them to fundraise by holding our very own Superhero Week! During the week of 9th May.

KingsWellies Nursery Chickens

01st May 2016

Rocky the Rooster, Gail and Deidre (aka Graeme, Stuart and Fife) are all still behaving and are laying around three eggs for us every day! We have been collecting the eggs and using them for science experiments, to bake, prepare scrambled eggs, make sensory jars, paint and to help us research lifecycles.

Outdoor Education at KingsWellies

01st May 2016

Scott and his gang of trusty helpers (including Rumpole and Ziggy) have been VERY busy improving our outdoor play area. We now have a HUGE stock of mud for our mud kitchen, a stage to sing, dance and perform on, KingsWellies Castle to play in, obstacle courses to test our agility, dens to build and a whole range of loose materials to construct with. We even managed to make a bus out of Asda crates and old steering wheels!

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30th March 2016

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Coffee Date for Parents to Meet

30th March 2016

I have been approached by a couple of parents who are new to the area and are keen to meet up with other parents. I am more than happy to coordinate a little coffee date over at the hotel if people are interested. Please let me know. We can never have too many friends!

Updated Snack Menu and Policy Documents

30th March 2016

We have recently reviewed our Snack menu in line with the national documentation, “Setting the Table.” You will find our revised menu on our website. We have also been reviewing all of our KingsWellies Policy documents. These are also on our website for your information.

Meet our chickens!

30th March 2016

Alec Cocker (owner of Cockers Roses) and Finlay's Dad has very kindly provided us with a chicken coup and three chickens from his farm. We have one (very loud) cockerel and two chickens. These are Barbu D'Anver Bantams which are one of the smallest breeds of chicken and very friendly and easy to look after. Leanne (Finlay's mum) is also incubating some eggs for us so that hopefully we will be able to rear our own chicks. Very exciting!

Happy 1st Birthday to KingsWellies

30th March 2016

KingsWellies will have been open for ONE year on 13th April 2016. We would very much like to thank all of our families for their support during what has been one of the busiest years of our lives! I hope that you agree that we now feel like one big happy family!

Rachel Our Catering Assistant

28th February 2016

We are now delighted to welcome Rachel to our KingsWellies team on a full-time basis.