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Over the next few weeks, we will be focusing on a variety of topics in our playrooms. These will inc

04th July 2023

• Happy Healthy Me • Cultures of the world – PLEASE talk to us about your childhood memories, your culture, your traditions, your beliefs and your celebrations. We really want to learn more about cultures around the world. • Rules and Routines • KINDNESS – Are you a bucket filler or a bucket dipper? • Child-led improvement groups – Our Eco Group, Kindness Group, Charities Group, Graduation Group and Playground Improvement Group will keep working hard to improve our nursery. • Holidays and Landmarks • LOTS of Reflection Time in our learning groups; talking about our learning and what we would like to learn with our key workers. • Seasons and sun safety– Summer • Gardening, making dens and improving our playground • Our families and friends • Walks out and about around our community and lots of outdoor play • Daily mile – scavenger hunts, environmental print, shape, numeracy, literacy and pattern walks • Writing our names and learning lots of rhyming words • Getting ready for school and our new school nurseries • 3rd July – Croque Monsieur on the fire pit • 7th July – International chocolate day • 10th July – Teddy bears picnic day • 11th July – Hot Dogs on the Fire pit • 19th July - Entier BBQ • 20th July – Moon day • 20th July – Scott’s Birthday Party – Birthday cakes for all! Staff BBQ! • 23rd July – Class of 23 Graduation • 23rd July – Parents Day • 24th July – National Ice cream day • 28TH July – Pizza Party for all children • 30th July – International friendship day • 1st August – UK play day • 2nd August – National day for play • 3rd August - Bunty the ice cream van to visit • 5th August – National sisters day • 8th August – International cat day • 9th August – National book lovers day • 19th August – World photo day • 26th August – International dog day • 30th August – National beach day • 31st August – Eat outside day • 1st September – World letter writing day • 5th September – International Charities day • 6th September – Read a book day • 8th September – International literacy day • 9th September – Emergency Services day • 9th September – Teddy bear day • 13th September – Roald Dahl Day • 16th September – World clean-up day • 18th September – Jewish new year • 18th September – Eat an apple day • 20th September – Recycle week • 22nd September – World rhino day • 25th September – World dream day • 28th September – Good neighbour day • Literacy, Numeracy and Health and Wellbeing are the responsibility of ALL nursery and school practitioners. LOTS of exciting learning opportunities!

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts

04th July 2023

Some of our children have already started to leave us and I have to say that all of the emails, messages and cards have really brought a tear to my eye. The very kind words mean such a huge amount as it proves that we have achieved what we set out to do. We genuinely only want the very best for all of our children and families.

Kingswellies Class of 2023

04th July 2023

Here are some suggestions to help prepare your child for starting school in August 2023. Do they recognise their own name? If not make a sign together for their room and where they hang their jacket at home so that they are used to seeing it. If you are going to teach them to write their name please only teach the first letter as a capital- if they learn their whole name in capitals it then takes time for them to unlearn it. Remember school is different from when you went, they will be unlikely to have their own desk but they will be very used to the set up as it’s similar to Nursery. Label EVERYTHING! Encourage them to open their own snacks so that they are able to do it at playtime and lunchtime. Velcro shoes are best! Don’t share your concerns with them and don’t talk about how they are your baby and they aren’t ready! They are taking their lead from you! Can they put on their own jacket and zip it up? If not, start encouraging them now! Can they use the toilet independently and wash and dry their hands independently? Now is the time to work on this. When you find out their gym days it’s best not to put them in shirt and tie on these days. In Scotland all P1s-P3’s get a free lunch - when you get a menu pop it somewhere in the house and let them know what the choices are each day and decide what they will have together. P1 teachers are angels in disguise, I promise you can trust them with your baby!

P1 Graduation

04th July 2023

This year we have 55 children leaving us to go to school. We have all been very busy planning our Graduation party and ceremony. Our Graduation Group have been busy organising everything themselves. We can’t wait to have a real knees up at our party. This year the graduates have decided that they want a bouncy castle, ice cream van and popcorn machine. We will be sending out more information out as we continue to plan. Only our school leavers will be invited to attend (no other leavers) as this is a special and important next step for them. Graduation Day – Saturday 22nd July 2023

Best of luck to our boys and girls who will be leaving us to go to P1 and school nursery

04th July 2023

We will miss you ALL very, very much but know that you are all ready for P1 and that each and every one of you will go far! Remember to send us photos of you in your school uniforms!! We have been very busy speaking to your new P1 teachers and also to your parents. Good luck everyone!

Children’s Attendance and Registers

04th July 2023

Please let us know by 10am if your child will not be attending nursery on that day. Staff will contact parents after 10am to ascertain the whereabouts of your child. This is in line with our Child Protection and Health and Safety Policies. Please also let us know if you have any holidays booked and your child will be absent. This saves us from bothering you when sunbathing by the pool! Many thanks.

Staffing Update

04th July 2023

As always, we have some Summer staff who will be helping us out this year. Sisters Eve Cummings and Nadia Cummings have returned to us for a fourth year. We are delighted to see them back. We also have some other new staff. Please welcome them to the Wellies family. We are continuing to recruit staff for our QueensWellies Nursery. Children are involved in the recruitment process as we ask candidates to read them a story / complete an activity with them. We then ask our children for their feedback, this is working very well. Staff photos are up in reception so that you can put names to faces. HUGE congratulations go to Samantha Fryers who has just given birth to baby Caleb Alexander Grogan. Well done Samantha. We are very proud of you. We cannot wait to meet Caleb. Best wishes to you and Steven and your new arrival. Very cute!

QueensWellies Nursery

04th July 2023

We are delighted to let you know that we have been making great progress in totally refurbishing our new nursery on Queens Road. We have the Care Inspectorate coming to visit it on 18/7/23 and aim to have completed all construction by 31/7/23. We therefore hope to open around mid-August 2023. We will be holding a variety of open days and would like to invite all of our Wellies parents to come along for a nosey at our new setting. We also cannot wait to share our BEFORE and AFTER videos with you. It is SOOOOOO exciting! We will keep you posted with all progress over the Summer and into the new session. We still have spaces at QueensWellies although these are filling up fast. We also have limited spaces for 2.5 – 5 years old at KingsWellies. Please contact us if you would like to know more about booking a space with us.

What have the Wellies Gang been up to so far this term?

04th July 2023

We have been very busy with stay and play days, Easter celebrations, Health Month, bucket fillers, daily mile, visits around the community, Child Safety Week, supporting the RSPB, Happy Body Healthy Me Campaign, sun safety, visits from our P1 teachers, Eco Schools and sustainability, planting and planning our garden, planning our graduation party, improving our playground, picnics at “the hills”, pizzas at the park, getting ready to go to school, learning Makaton, learning all about minibeasts, farm animals, safari animals, caring for our caterpillars as they go through their life cycle into beautiful butterflies, lots of outdoor play, road safety, reading our book bug bags and LOTS more…… We have also LOVED working with all of our extra-curricular teachers; French, Moo Music, Chef Lisa, Kids Rock, Flashdance, Yoga Totts, Rugby Totts. We are developing a HUGE number of inter-disciplinary skills every day.

Parent Council

03rd July 2023

Laura will be in touch to arrange a date for a meeting this term. Please get in touch if you have any items for our agenda. Many thanks.