News and Events

QueensWellies Nursery

10th April 2023

As you are aware, we have recently purchased a new nursery building in Queens Road, Aberdeen. Work has commenced on our new building and we are hoping to fully open around August 2023. We are very excited for this new opportunity. Please contact us if you would like to know more about booking a space within QueensWellies. We will keep you updated with all progress. We have a large floorbook in reception showing “before” photos, plans and ideas for improvement to QueensWellies. Please give us your ideas, we want to be as creative as possible. We currently have spaces available for 2.5 year to 5 year olds in KingsWellies Nursery. Please contact the office for additional information on 01224 741175. We also have spaces from 0-5 years at QueensWellies.

Children as Active Learners: Books for bereavement, loss, grief, stress, worry and separation

10th April 2023

We have lots of different books available in nursery. Please just see a member of staff if you would like to borrow any of them. We also have child lending libraries, parent lending libraries, kindness bags, bucket filler bags, literacy bags, numeracy bags, health and wellbeing bags, Pudding the Guide Dog bags and Ziggy and Patsy bags which can all be borrowed and used at home to further develop your child’s learning and engagement. Please just ask a member of staff who will be happy to help.

Staffing Update

10th April 2023

Welcome to a number of new staff who have all recently joined us as practitioners within our rooms. Staff photos can be seen up in our reception area. We are delighted to welcome such experienced practitioners to our team. Please also see our Facebook posts where we keep you abreast of staffing changes and all that is happening on a day-to-day basis. Welcome back also to Marcia and Steph who will be returning from maternity leave soon. Marcia will be returning as Senior Depute Manager at our new QueensWellies Nursery. Steph will be returning as Supervisor within the Beans Room and will step up as Depute Manager when required. We realise that there have been lots of staff changes recently. We have had to move some staff to new rooms in order to ensure that we have a good balance of old and new staff in each room. We have considered all room moves very carefully. However our aim is to ensure consistency as much as possible for our children, in their everyday lives. Although some children may experience changes in their Key Workers, we will ensure that this is done very sensitively and over time. Staff will keep you abreast of all changes. We are also continuing to recruit for or new QueensWellies Nursery so you will see lots of new faces over the next few months as we train all staff ready for opening.

KingsWellies 8th Birthday

10th April 2023

We are so proud to say that KingsWellies will be 8 years old on the 15th April 2023. We can hardly believe it! A huge thank you to All of our amazing staff. We really cannot underestimate how hard they all work to ensure that children are safe, happy, nurtured and are learning. A very Special thanks also goes to Laura, Marcia and Emma who have all been with us from day one when we opened on 15th April 2015. That level of commitment and Loyalty is almost unheard of. Huge thanks to the very special ladies. Look out for our birthday celebrations on Facebook.

Scholastic Book Fair

10th April 2023

We raised a Whooping £267.67 towards new books for the nursery. Huge thank you to everyone who purchased a book from us. The children are all busy choosing and ordering their new books, as we speak.

Outdoor Education

10th April 2023

Our Outdoor Committee will be working hard with Scott and AJ to improve our outdoor education area. Laura and Caroline also have lots of exciting ideas for our outdoor area so will be working hard to ensure that it is awash with lots of literacy and numeracy activities. We are also planning a new outdoor classroom – watch this space! Please give us your feedback on how we can continue to improve this very important area.


10th April 2023

For more ideas on what you can do with your child at home to promote health and happiness, you can download lots of activity guides from We had an amazing Health and Wellbeing month whereby we learnt so much about all aspects of the Health and Wellbeing Curriculum. We had visits from Bistro Verde, local dentist, Kids Rock, Yoga, Fire Brigade, Police Scotland, nurses, doctors, Nicola the Radiologist, ChildSmile, Entier chefs and lots more! We also went to visit the old folks at Kings Wells Care Home, local businesses to sell our home bakes and smoothies, enjoyed picnics, visits to the parks and supermarkets, visits to the library and made sure that we were the BEST Bucket Fillers out there!

What else have the Wellies Gang been up to?

10th April 2023

Chinese New Year, Robbie Burns Day, national kindness day, Makaton training, pancake day, Valentine’s Day, random acts of kindness day, national anthem day, minibeast hunts, supporting our Guide Dog puppy called Pudding, collecting tadpoles, World Book Day, Scholastic book fair, Mother’s Day and LOTS more………….

Easter Celebrations

10th April 2023

We have been very busy celebrating all aspects of Easter and have lots more planned. We will be making Easter bonnets, painting daffodils, planting in our allotments, making lots of chocolate treats, finding out about the lifecycle of a chick, researching the life cycle of frogs, butterflies, and bunny rabbits, lots of arts and crafts, baking and making Easter cards. We will also have great fun painting, decorating and rolling our eggs down the Prime Four “Mount Everest” hills beside the nursery. We will also be hearing about the Easter story and will be learning all about this very important celebration

QueensWellies Nursery - Opening Soon!

29th March 2023

We are delighted to announce that we have recently bought a new nursery premises in the West-End of Aberdeen, Queens Road. QueensWellies Nursery will be opening around August 2023. It will be able to accommodate approximately 50 children aged from 0 - 5 years old. QueensWellies will follow the same exacting very high standards as KingsWellies Nursery. We CANNOT wait to open and welcome you to another excellent Wellies Nursery!